Where is the ASB Theatre? What about the ASB Waterfront Theatre?


What’s the difference between the ASB Waterfront Theatre and the ASB Theatre, Aotea Square?

It has come to our attention that some keen theatre goers are still taking themselves to the wrong ASB-sponsored theatre, from time to time. And that means that not only do you risk your chances of not experiencing the brilliant and potentially life-changing show you have been looking forward to for so long, but you will also experience immense unnecessary stress, by having to get back in your car, navigate out of the Civic car park and scootch across town to Wynyard Quarter, and then find a park (or vice versa).

So, we’re going to lay it out for you…

The ASB Waterfront Theatre, Wynyard Quarter

The ASB Waterfront Theatre is 138 Halsey St, in Wynyard Quarter. It’s on the corner of Halsey and Madden Sts. Check it out below.

The ASB Waterfront Theatre is a beautiful, majestic glass box (as below), designed by Moller Architects, which opened in September 2016.

It’s the performing home of Auckland Theatre Company, but throughout the year, you can experience a variety of other performance events, including theatre, dance and sometimes even film.

There is parking available in every direction, except in the sea (it’s on the waterfront, you see), as well as public transport links. You’ll find the official parking info here.

We’ll let you in on a secret - there is wood on the floor in front of some seats because, when you really love a performance, you’re encouraged to not only offer immense applause, and preferably stand up to let the performers know how much you enjoyed their work, but also to stamp your feet. Give it a go sometime.

The ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre

The ASB Theatre is the large performing arts and music venue, housed inside the main building of the newly renovated Aotea Centre.

The Aotea Centre (pictured below) is in Aotea Square, Queen St. Parking buildings are everywhere in walking distance. Public transport, too. Please find the official parking schpeel here.


The ASB Theatre is run by Auckland Live, and offers brilliant events all year round, from opera to orchestra, Festivals, theatre, dance and community events, among others.

So, why are they named so similarly? It’s because ASB Bank are legends and get behind the arts in a big way. Read about it here.

PS You’re welcome! May you never mix your theatres again…